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Wedding Guests | 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Wedding season is coming, and I am sure that everyone is receiving multiple invitations for the year! As exciting as this is, there are a few things to keep in mind as a guest. Wanting to be an ideal guest? Follow our lead and avoid the three common actions and mistakes that we have listed below!

Exhaust all resources before contacting the couple | If it there is one thing that all couples dislike, it is when their guests do not use easily accessible resources provided to them to answer simple questions. No couple wants to receive a call or text leading up to their wedding day, or even worse – ON THEIR WEDDING DAY – asking what time they need to arrive. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT bother the couple!! Registry questions? Check the couple’s wedding website. Not sure where the ceremony or reception are located? Check the invitation or wedding website! Couples spend a very long time curating a wedding website and putting together invitation suites that answer almost every question that a guest could have. If you are still without answers after searching through the couple’s website or invitation and details sheet, reach out to the venue, wedding planner, or another friend that you know is attending the wedding.

Taking and posting pictures | Couples who hire a photographer spend a lot of time and money to find the perfect one for their big day, so there is no reason why you, as a guest, should be getting in the way of the photographer. In addition to taking formal portraits of the couple, their family, and the wedding parties, wedding photographers capture all moments – both big and small. No one wants to get their wedding photos back and see people with their cell phones, taking photos in the background. They hired a professional for a reason and will share their photos with you once they receive them! Be present and in the moment, not worried about snapping photos and getting in the way of the actual photographer. Another big faux pas when it comes to the topic of photography is sharing photos on social media platforms before the couple has had the chance to do so. Think about it… it’s the couple’s big day and they are most likely so excited to be the first to post something about it. Would you want someone to do that at your wedding? It is inconsiderate of guests to post photos of the couple before they do. Once they have posted, feel free to share in the excitement and celebration!

RSVPs & plus ones | I think that waiting on RSVPs is a moment that most couples dread. While they are excited to see them come in and confirm or remove people from their treasured guest list, it is somewhat stressful. The best time to RSVP is as soon as you receive the invitation. This way you won’t forget to do it and you won’t be tempted to text or call the couple about it last minute. Speaking of texting and calling, do not text/call/email that you are attending the wedding. This does NOT count as RSVPing. If an RSVP card is sent through the mail, then you should send it back that way. Another thing to remember about RSVPs… you should never assume that you are able to bring a plus-one or that your children are automatically invited to the wedding just because you are. Couples specifically address an invitation to you in the manner that it was meant – if the envelope says, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”, then only Mr. and Mrs. Smith are invited to the wedding. If your addressed envelope or invitation does not say “& Guest”, then only you are invited. When couples do not give a plus-one or invite children, it is not to offend and hurt feelings. Most of the time it is due to budgetary reasons, and they are trying to make sure that they can host everyone they care about. Some couples also choose to have an adult-only wedding due to the type of venue they are at or to make it stress-free for parents that are attending. Hello, date night! As a guest, you must keep in mind that it is the couple’s wedding day, not yours, so please don’t show up to the wedding with an unexpected guest. This adds a ton of needless stress on not only the couple, but all the vendors for the event as well. They struggle and have to rush to try to find extra meals, seats, and more.

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