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Guest Attire for Weddings | What Not to Wear

Wedding season is in full effect and as a guest, your attire will most likely be different for each that you are invited to! Have you recently received an invitation that doesn’t truly describe the dress code that is expected? If you are wanting to make sure that you are appropriately dressed, yet stylish, for all the weddings you’re invited to, check out our guide on what NOT to wear below!

White or a Tux | Ladies, unless the dress code specifically asks for it, do NOT wear anything that is white! White is the bride’s color and since it is her day, why would you want to try to upstage her?! If you love white and it is your color, maybe try selecting a pastel color. Pastels are still light and airy without being white! Gentlemen, just as ladies shouldn’t wear white, you shouldn’t wear a black tux. While I always say that it is better to be overdressed than undressed, a nice suit is a much better option than a tuxedo. This way you don’t have to worry about getting mistaken as the groom!

Flashy or Skimpy Attire | A safe bet is to stay away from bold, distracting prints/colors, revealing tops or low-cut backs that show undergarments, sheer fabrics, super-short dresses, rhinestone/metallics/sparkles, and gaudy costume jewelry. Yes, this means you should leave your tiaras at home! Don’t take away from the newlyweds!

Uncomfortable Shoes | You’re expected to dance the night away with the couple, so make sure that you are wearing comfortable shoes! Obnoxiously high stilettos and platform shoes are probably not the best idea. If you are purchasing new shoes for the wedding, make sure that you wear them around a couple times before the big day so that you don’t get blisters!

Jeans, Sneakers, & Flip Flops… Oh My | No… just no. Does the dress code say, “casual attire”? If so, opt for a sundress or button-down that is tucked into tailored slacks. Do not wear jeans, sneakers, or flip flops to a wedding, it is never appropriate – unless it is specifically asked for – and it rarely is.

Clothing Outside of the Dress Code | As obvious as this may be, it cannot be overstated. While sometimes it may be tough, try to follow the dress code to the very best of your ability. The couple will truly appreciate it!

Photo Credit - Katie Ruther


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