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Brides | Wedding Day Emergency Kit

What is something that we recommend having for every wedding?! A kit filled with emergency items that may come in handy for your big day. Otherwise known as an “oh sh** kit”! Trust us when we say that having a kit like this packed up for your big day is invaluable and keeps the stress level down! Do you have your kit put together yet? If not, see below for our recommendations!

  • First Aid Kit – Blisters are bound to happen, so band-aids are a must!

  • Mints – Fresh breath is a must for your first kiss! Do NOT have gum… you don’t want anyone in your party to forget that they have it and chew it during your ceremony!

  • Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Floss, & Mouthwash – Again, everyone wants fresh breath on their big day!

  • Pain Reliever – Your big day is not the time for a headache, cramps, or a hangover, so be sure to pack some ibuprofen!

  • Sewing Kit, Safety Pins, Scissors, & Super Glue – Broken zipper? Missing button? Snag or tear? Broken high heel? Loose thread? These items are clutch for any type of repair – big or small!

  • Blotting Paper – Goodbye, shiny skin! Hello, photo-ready skin!

  • Nail Polish & File – Chipped nails and hangnails happen, so prepare yourself by packing a backup polish and file.

  • Lotion – Glowing, moisturized skin is a must!

  • Makeup for Touch-Ups – Lipstick, lip gloss, mascara - oh my! It is always a good idea to pack travel-size versions of the makeup used in your kit. Also, if you are wearing false lashes, sometimes they don't mesh well with tears, so be sure to pack extra lash glue.

  • Tissues – Someone in your crew is bound to tear up… it is your wedding day after all!

  • Dress Tape – Keep everything in place! Even if you have already used dress tape, pack extra… sometimes being nervous will cause you to sweat and the tape will loosen.

  • Deodorant – Speaking of sweat, be sure to pack deodorant to help you freshen up!

  • Hand Sanitizer – Keep your hands clean

  • Stain Remover – Whether you have a pen or wipes, this item is so very necessary! Stains always seem to happen at the worst time… like when you are wearing white!

  • Feminine Products – Because it always seems to happen at the worst times…

  • Hairspray & Bobbi Pins – Keep your curls in place and hair out of your face!

  • Phone Charger – While you probably will not be on your phone at all once the festivities begin, you still want to make sure that everyone in your wedding party’s phone is ready to go!

  • Snacks – Keep your belly full because you may not have a lot of time to eat during the reception. Think granola bars, trail mix, fruit, etc.

  • Water – As obvious as it may seem, hydration is key!!

Photo Credit - Yasu + Juno


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