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Be Our Guest | Welcome Bags

Will you have a lot of out-of-town guests at your wedding? A welcome bag is a fabulous way to show your appreciation for the guests that have travelled from all over to celebrate your big day with you! Having a unique welcome bag waiting for your guests at the hotel will start the weekend’s festivities off strong. One of my biggest pieces of advice is to make it personal and meaningful! Sure, you can throw a bunch of random stuff into a bag and call it a “welcome bag”, but doesn’t it seem to make more sense to curate a custom bag of goodies the reflect you and your partner? Wanting to keep a cohesive look for the whole weekend? Select items that are packaged in your wedding’s color palette. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating the perfect bag for your guests!

Something that some couples may overlook when it comes to putting together a welcome bag is an itinerary. Even though you’ve sent out save-the-dates and invitation suites, you should still include some sort of itinerary that serves as a reminder of what to expect throughout the weekend – ESPECIALLY if you have multiple events going on, i.e. welcome party, rehearsal dinner, wedding, post-wedding brunch, etc.! No matter what you choose to include, you should have a handwritten note from you and your future spouse, thanking the guest for coming to celebrate such a huge milestone with you and letting them know how excited you are to see them. It will undeniably go a long way and make each recipient feel very welcome and appreciated!

Here are a few of our favorite items to include in these bags:

Seasonal Needs – Depending on what time of year that it is, including a few items that go with the season can be fun! Summer? Place a sunscreen in the bag. Spring? Maybe including a cute umbrella would be a good idea. Fall/Winter? A cozy throw blanket is a great idea!

Your Favorite Things – Include a few of your favorite snacks, games, products, etc. Bonus points – Attach small tags to these items, explaining why they are meaningful to you and your partner!

Beverages – Do you have a favorite cocktail? Include the ingredients for it in your welcome bag. It’s a fun way to welcome your guests and get the party started. Is there a local coffee shop that you love? Include a small bag of coffee grounds… most hotel rooms have a coffee maker. Don’t forget to include a couple mini water bottles, too!

Location Showcase – It is always a cool idea to include items that show off the locale in which you are hosting your wedding weekend. It gives your guests a taste of the local flavor. For instance, when couples are having a wedding at Carnegie, I always recommend they put some sort of bourbon-type product or craft beer from one of the local breweries. Bonus Points – Create a map of your favorite things to do in the city. Be sure to include restaurants, shopping, and family-friendly activities!

Transportation – Does the hotel not provide shuttles? Consider adding a gift card to Uber or Lyft in the bag!

Fun for Kids – Do your guests have children? Be sure to include something fun for them… think coloring book, crayons, bubbles, etc.

Extras – For those guests who may have had a little too much fun at your wedding, don’t forget to gift them a few aspirin, electrolyte packets, and pretzels. They’ll certainly appreciate it the next morning!

Photo Credit: Cassandra Castaneda


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