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Escort Cards | Out with the Old & in with the Unique!

While there is nothing wrong with a traditional seating chart and a lot of couples still use one, there are some couples that are looking to add a little creativity and personality into their seating. In lieu of a seating chart, they are creating unique experiences with their escort cards and how guests will arrive at their seats. One of my personal favorites is a champagne wall. I love when the wall has a lush greenery backdrop and is highlighted by floral swags. A simple nametag is tied around the stem of the champagne flute or draped over its top and it is perfection! It creates a striking entrance into the reception and sets the stage for a great evening! Looking for escort card ideas and setups? Below you will find a handful of our favorite options!

  • Photographs - Print your favorite photo of your guests, write their name and table info on it, and have it strung up on a fun backdrop.

  • Tiles - Hire a calligrapher to write our guest names and table numbers onto pieces of marble tile and set it up like a backsplash. The results are breathtaking!

  • Plants - Mini terracotta pots filled with a succulent or tiny bud vases filled with small flowers with a marker that has the guest info on it are cute ways to introduce your guests to your reception!

  • Food/Drink - Include a fun treat, your favorite snack, or your favorite cocktail in your escort card... think a wall lined with custom lollipops, margaritas, cookies, etc. Tip: This can double as your favor if you do a treat!

  • Luggage Tags - Like to travel or are you hosting a destination wedding? Think of hanging luggage tags up with your guests' names and table numbers on them!

Photo: Lieb Photographic


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