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Guests | Where to Stay & Play

Anticipating the needs of your wedding guests far in advance will serve you well the day of your wedding.

Accommodations are key if you are inviting (and expecting) a lot of out-of-town guests. Take care of this at least 3-6-months prior to the date to make sure there are not any other big events scheduled that would conflict with your special day. Securing a block of rooms (or a few blocks according to price-point) is ideal. Consider different types of overnight-stay venues such as standard hotels, Airbnbs, and boutique hotels. When blocking, try to make them as close and convenient to your wedding venue as possible to alleviate transportation issues.

While planning your wedding weekend, you should locate attractions in the area for your guests to enjoy during their stay. It is a courtesy to your guests to highlight some of the local attractions that they may choose to visit. Some suggestions include museums, concert venues, local sporting events, zoo/aquarium, parks, churches, casinos, parks, restaurants, historic tours, shopping, and outdoor activities. You may want to include unique transportation options such as trolleys, streetcars, bikes, and scooters.

Your guests are making an investment in your special day to celebrate with you, so making every effort to treat them with respect and gratitude is not only showing them you care, but that you appreciate them and their desire to be a part of your special day!

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