Writing your own Vows

Plan it out and start early! Some wedding ceremonies make you use certain vows, so if customizing your vows in one of your main priorities make sure you contact the church that it is okay first. Also make sure to start planning your vows way in advance. Wedding vows should touch the hearts of everyone so make sure you put a lot of thought and effect into it instead of waiting til the week before your wedding to write them.

Research, research, research! Starting the beginning of your wedding vows can be a difficult process. There’s so many ways to start it, so it can be very overwhelming. Start looking at some books, poems, bible verses, videos, and sites online. It can help your brain start thinking of some great ideas for your own vows!

Reflect on your relationship together! Think back to the very first days and first few months you started dating. New relationships are so unpredictable and awkward, so your guests will love hearing old stories about you two. Start by just jotting down some old funny memories you two had together that made you both fall in love in the first place. Add some new memories too of course! It’ll be fun for your guests to hear how far you’ve come.

Talk it out with your partner! Make sure the both of you are on the same page with writing the vows. Talk about if you both want more traditional vows or funny vows. It all depends on the couple, because everyone is different! Also make sure the points you bring up in yours are okay with your loved one. It is also a good idea to take the audience into consideration. You don’t ever want them to feel uncomfortable!

Lastly, just be yourself! Make sure you have your vows exactly how you want them because well, it IS your big day! No matter what or how you write them your guests are sure to love it coming from you two lovebirds! So just have fun with it and spill your heart out!

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