Keeping traditions can be a fun way to bond with not only your family, but culture as well. Although it’s cool to think that you’re keeping traditions going that were taught centuries ago, I’m happy that some of them are simply just traditions of the past. There are some strange ones out there that I don’t think I would want to try. Check them out for yourself!

Tossing of the Bouquet/Garter Can you imagine having your guests come at you like barbarians tearing your fabulous dress to pieces in order to “grab some luck”? That’s exactly what happened in earlier centuries throughout the world. Every guest used to think that if they grabbed a piece of the gown the bride was wearing that some good luck would happen in their life too. As years went on dresses became more and more expensive, so it became more common for brides to want to keep their dress. That’s when bride’s started to get creative and decided they would throw their bouquet or garter instead of having their beautiful dress ripped to shreds.

Bridesmaid Dresses Centuries ago, brides would actually dress their bridesmaids in the same exact dress she was wearing. In the older days there was lots of talk about evil spirits, so the bride wanted everyone to look the same so the evil spirit wouldn’t fixate on her. As years went on evil spirits weren’t talked about as much, so people started to have their bridesmaids wear colors instead of white. That way the bride would stand out and all the attention would be drawn to her. (Not that any bride would want that or anything.)

The Wedding Ring In earlier years the diamond ring wasn’t necessary, it was just a luxury item. Most of the rings were just plain and simple, until the 1900’s. It then became necessary to have a diamond ring on your hand. The ring has always been worn on the left hand, third finger because the Romans thought that the veins in that finger ran directly to the heart. The ring on that finger was a symbol of everlasting love.

Not Looking at the Bride Before the Ceremony Many people still do this tradition because they think it is “bad luck” to see the bride beforehand, while others don’t believe in the myth. This tradition started when marriages were arranged because of business instead of love. It would be rather embarrassing to have the groom see the bride before the wedding and than back out because he didn’t like the way she looked. Not letting the groom see the bride beforehand made it easier to make sure the wedding would happen for sure.

The Tiered Cake Several weddings have the traditional tiered cake at their reception. In older days guests would bring cakes to the new happy couple. They would pile these cakes on take of each other to make a huge cake. As years went on a clever baker decided to make these tiered cakes and add frosting all around to make them look pretty. It’s so funny how traditions are started!

Giving Away the Bride Centuries ago when there were arranged marriages; the daughter was considered the father’s “property”. It was the father’s right to give the daughter away to the groom, which sometimes came with a price. In today’s world the giving away the bride is simply a blessing of approval of the marriage.

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