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Imagine walking down the beach with your loved one hand in hand, sipping on a margarita, not a care in the world except each other’s happiness. The warm sun shining down on you perfectly as you frolic around the beach, letting the sand and water tickle your freshly painted toes. Let’s face it. That margarita sounds a lot better on the beach rather than in good old Cincinnati, am I right? A destination wedding can be a great way to make your ceremony unique and exciting! Here are some simple tips if you’re having (or considering) a destination wedding.

First things first, start looking at several different flights. Consider where most of your guests will be flying from. Will they be able to arrive at the destination without having a confusing set of changing flights? Make sure the prices are not too outrageous and all the times coordinate with each other. Side note: if you are set on having a destination wedding start planning a.s.a.p. Most venues at these exotic places are booked around 18 months in advance, so start looking early so you have plenty of options!

A destination wedding is all about the fabulous scenery and beautiful WEATHER! Make sure to check how the weather is going to be at the time of your wedding. Check old weather reports to see what the weather was in previous years. It would be awful to have this whole extravagant wedding planned out and than arrive to pouring rain, or even worse, a hurricane!

Research, research, RESEARCH! Get to know all about the area you are planning to have your wedding at. Get rates for the minimum stay and price for guests who don’t want to pay a lot of money or stay long. Also check out venues, dj’s, etc. Some places won’t have many options, which could cause problems for a picky bride. This can be a time consuming task to make sure that everything is well researched. Hire a wedding planner is a great idea, so you don’t have to stress out about all the little details!

Consider your guests. Will you be upset if you choose Bora Bora and only half of the guests are able to attend because of price? Make sure that once the guests do arrive you pay a lot of attention to them and make them feel extra welcomed. They came all this way to be there for your wedding day, so make them feel special too!

Last but not least, make sure it’s LEGAL! Marrying abroad can sometimes be confusing and have strange rules that are unclear. For an example: in Spain you can not “legally” marry someone there unless you have been a resident in the country for three years or more or you are Catholic and marry in the church.

Although planning a destination wedding does take a lot of work, it is definitely worth it in the end. It’s your big day so if a destination wedding is what your heart is set on, go for it! If the costs and everything end up not being in your budget for everyone don’t worry. You still have your honeymoon that you can go to a ritzy, exotic location! Happy planning!

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