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Wedding Party | The Lineup

You’ve selected your wedding party – yay! – but now you must figure out the order that they will stand in! Some people consider this to be one of the more difficult parts of the planning process when it comes to the ceremony. Unfortunately, the more wedding party members you have, the more challenging the creation of the lineup can be. You want to make sure that no one feels slighted, but you also want to make sure that you are using the order that you want. Below you will find a few different foolproof ways to approach this!

How Long You’ve Known Each Other/Closeness – This option works especially well if you have a larger bridal party! When using this arrangement, most brides and grooms will base the order on the length of time that they’ve known their party members. Most people will start with their family members and work their way out to friends. However, if you are not close with your family, feel free to start with your close friends and round out the end of the lineup with the family members in the party. If your party members are all from different life stages (different school years, college, work, neighbors, etc), this can be super simple option for arrangement!

Age or Height – Do you have a group of all different ages and heights? Arrange your friends from oldest to youngest or tallest to shortest. If you are organizing by height, it is aesthetically-pleasing, yet objective. Age and height cannot be negotiated, so these are great ways to line everyone up without hurting anyone!

Outfit Color – Does your wedding party have different colored dresses or suits? Arrange them based on the color/design of their outfit. Are there two or three different colors? Stagger them in groups. If everyone is wearing a different tone of the same color, you could produce a cool ombre effect. This is also an easy way to avoid hurting feelings on the lineup order!

Even though it may feel like it, there is truly no “right” way to do this. I know it may seem like you’ll be hurting your friends’ feelings but just be sure to be upfront and discuss your decision with them. No matter how you choose to organize your wedding party lineup, it will be perfect for you and your big day!

Photo Credit - Emily Antonelli Photography


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